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We love our clients and appreciate kind words!  We are proud of their many accomplisments and excited to be a part of their success!  Here's just a few examples...

As a collegiate athlete I had severely injured my shoulder and had been to countless physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers, and nothing was helping. Lisa’s integrated program of Massage Therapy and Athletic Training has increased my strength and flexibility, and has put me finally on the road to recovery.

- Krista S, Student Athlete

Four years ago several top orthopedic doctors diagnosed me with a degenerative disk problem that was unresponsive to pain medications and carried a prognosis of almost certain back surgery.  I then turned to Lisa, whose sophisticated therapeutic implementation of core strengthening, balance training and therapeutic message not only immediately eliminated my acute back pain, but also produced significant and lasting improvements in my overall physical health, including augmented bodily flexibility, better balance, greater cardiovascular endurance, increased muscle mass and sustained weight loss.

- Frank S, Clinical Psychologist

I have been going to Lisa for 3 years.  I am impressed by her knowledge and expertise.  What makes Lisa stand out is her desire to not only treat her clients but to educate them.  Her approach is not that of teacher/ student, but of equals working together to improve one’s over all health and wellness.

- Paula L, Teacher

I met Lisa Hughes 3 years ago as she was the instructor at the fitness class I attended.  At the time, I was having issues of hip/side discomfort and knee pain.  Lisa determined that it was an IT band issue and mentioned massage therapy for relief.  I was so impressed by her technique and approach.  She taught me how to work thru my issues thru massage therapy, exercise and chiropractic care.  It has been such a wonderful unique, non-traditional approach to whole body health experience and new lifestyle!

- Margaret S, Accounting Assistant

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