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Overview of Services


  • Orthopedic, sports, deep tissue and myofascial release techniques

  • Stretching, neuromuscular and dynamic movement techniques

  • Swedish/relaxation massage


Therapeutic massage and exercise consultation appointments

are seen at our shared office location:

Balance Massage & Wellness Center

135 Day Street 2nd floor 

Newington, CT 06111


  • Strength & Movement -- class focus is on dynamic and functional movements combined with coordination strength challenges; use of resistance bands, hand weights, medicine balls and other small equipment are encouraged.

  • Fusion-Style --  a quicker-paced class using body weight challenges, balance exercises, resistance training, yoga/Pilates and other functional movements.  Class consists of a blend of all the best exercises to help prevent injury, combat chronic stressors and strengthen other, essential, daily, functional movements/postures.  

  • R3 (Recovery/Restore/Rebuild) -- an athletically designed class; for more of the runner/triathlete/athlete; sports specific obstacles, injury preventive exercises, body weight resistance, mat work, and restorative-focused movements.  Use of dumbbells and body weight as resistance are frequently used. 

  • Roll & Stretch -- use of the foam roller to help with soft tissue management with myofascial release techniques, stretching assistance and plenty of core/balance challenges. Great for those recovering from injuries, getting back to exercise after time away, and for those looking for an additional core/back strengthening & stability program

  • *NEW* -- EnduroCore -- a fast-paced, 30-40 minute, core challenging class using a mix of modalities like:  Pilates, yoga, body weight resistance, various forms of planking and lots more fun on the yoga mat. Use of props like:  medicine ballsdumbbells, and yoga blocks will be utilized.  Each class is different and will prove to be just the lunch-time, crunch-time session you need! 


Weekly Small Group Zoom Training Class

We are currently Zooming our class curriculum.  Please reach out and we will provide the class link.  And as always, the FIRST WEEK is NOW FREE!  


  • Postural and biomechanical assessments; including functional movement screens

  • Injury evaluation and assessment

  • Corrective exercise instruction

  • Health and wellness consultation and program design

  • Integrated sessions of therapeutic massage and exercise prescription

  • Sports specific exercise prescription and small group class instruction

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