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About Therapeutic Bodyworks

Therapeutic Bodyworks, LLC offers a Balanced approach to living well. We develop the whole body by integrating health and wellness services and combining exercise and therapeutic massage. By customizing our approach to meet your needs and goals, we are able to provide you with better results and a greater understanding of your own body.


Your unique program starts with a thorough evaluation including a functional movement screening, an in-depth look into your current and past health history, and a review of your goals. You may prefer to just use our services on an as needed basis or you may require a more hands-on approach and structured program design or finally your needs may be in evaluating your current form and technique and then to applying the necessary adjustments to improve your athletic performance. Our business should supplement your current active lifestyle. We are happy to teach and help you continue to make improvements in your quest towards a "balanced approach to living well".

              Our Philosophy

At Therapeutic Bodyworks, we take an integrated approach to health and wellness. Our services are custom-designed for the individual. Whether you are new to exercise and fitness, are recovering from or have had a history of injury in the past, or are a seasoned athlete, you can benefit from our sports medicine model. Form, function, and quality of movement are considered the most important ingredients in starting and/or maintaining a training program. It’s all about the Foundation, and that’s where we start.


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              Our Practice


Our approach in practice is both a combination of an art and a science.  We take a practical and through health assessment along with a qualitative evaluation of how one actually moves and is currently functioning in their world. Together, with the client we can determine where to best meet the client's goals.  It may involve a more hands-on therapeutic massage program, a corrective exercise prescription, or an all together fully supervised combination of the two.  Our hope is to offer an opportunity to the client by teaching and educating in a more balanced and holistic manner. 

Over the past few years we have hosted injury prevention workshops, focused group personal training series' for our triathletes, marathoners and other fitness enthusiasts, taught strength/core/balance and foam roller classes, and even had guest speakers present on topics such as 'hypnosis for weight loss.'  With all that said, our mainstay of our business is our long-standing reputation as 'Injury Prevention Specialists.' We want the body to move well, not just

to move.  Massage therapy and integrated bodywork sessions are our core therapies we offer and feel, directly compliment our philosophy.

We are not a typical gym, exercise/fitness studio.  We are the place to come when you need a little more intervention; whether thats a thorough movement analysis, help with an injury or pain, or an interest in taking your training to the next level, smartly and safely.  


We think you will find we gladly stand behind our unique services and quality of care and hope to educate and inform on the topics that matter most to You.

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