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Massage Therapy

May include active and assisted stretching, myofascial release techniques, aromatherapy & brief exercise demos.

Initial visit/consult/75 min 

30 min massage

45 min massage

60 min massage

90 min massage


$  65.00

$  82.00

$  98.00



Massage Packages

(4) 30 min massages

(4) 60 min massages

(6) 60 min massages

(4) 90 min massages

(6) 90 min massages






Integrated Therapy

A combination of therapeutic massage and corrective exercise techniques.

Great option for those individuals who have recently been released or are currently being treated at physical therapy for a mild physical limitation.  Helpful and supplemental treatment for restoring one back to normal activity.

(4) 30 min sessions

(8) 30 min sessions



(4) 60 min sessions

(8) 60 min sessions

$210 + tax

$420+ tax

$378 + tax

$735 + tax

Holiday 2020 Specials

  • Give a Gift, Get a Gift 

With the purchase of a 60 or 90 minute massage therapy sessionreceive 20 extra additional minutes towards your 

next session!  

  • Package Perks

 For any 60 minute massage therapy package purchased, receive 30 minutes FREE.  And for any 90 minute package purchased, receive 60 minutes FREE

Stocking Stuffer and Hanukkah Ideas

*All treatments are 30 minutes and $50

  • Uplift & Indulge - upper neck/shoulder/arm/hand massage to calm and ease tension from life's daily stressors; like too much time spent behind the computer, or sitting for long periods of time.  Help increase circulation, reduce overuse injuries and improve your sleep patterns.  You will leave the session feeling peaceful, calm, and rejuvenated. 

  •  Treat for Your Feet - Lower leg and foot-focused session to enhance circulation, improve joint range of motion, and work through the plantar fascia.  Great for those with plantar fasciitis, bunions, achilles tendonitis, ankle sprain/strains, etc.  Use of reflexology and gentle range of motion/stretches may be applied.

  • Back to Basics - Who doesn't love a back massage?  This is simply that! This session will focus the whole back including brief shoulder and hip work.  Great for first-times to massage or those that just want focused time spent on the back.   

Corrective Exercises & Training

Geared towards injury prevention, sports rehab, corrective excercise education and sports performance.

Initial Assessment

Required before the start of any training program. Up to 90 min, in-depth personalized evaluation including a medical history review, (FMS) Functional Movement Screen, goal assessment, and demonstration of proper form and exercise technique.  May include brief exercise prescription, tips and/or homework program. May be used as a one time evaluation tool as well.

Initial Assessment/Quick Consult 

30 minute training/exercise           session


60 minute training/exercise           session

$115 + tax


$65 + tax



$105 + tax


Training Packages


5 - 30 min sessions                   $300 + tax              

5 - 60 min sessions                   $475 + tax

10 - 60 min sessions.                $890 + tax

Pairs/PT (per person)                  $60 + tax

Weekly Small Group Zoom

Exercise Classes

(tax included)


Drop in fee                                  $  25.00

(5)   Class package                       $106.00

(10) Class package                       $192.00


*NEW* First week is FREE!


Functional Movement System

A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a systematic approach to evaulate movement patterns that are essential for healthy activity.  We will assess 7 different motions to identify asymmetries, imbalances, and limitations in mobility and stability.  Further recommendations will be made accordingly.


FMS screen plus recommendations   $ 120.00 + tax

*All fees are updates & in affect as of January 2020


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